Friday, 31 December 2010

Top 11 Vienna Street Styles 2010

As the first turn of the year for stilage vienna comes closer, we wanted to give you a resumée - a best of street style 2010 if you'd like. 

Nearly hundred entries made it hard to choose but here it is.
Our "Top 11 of 2010":

no · 11 - Posing In The Passage
 Lerchenfelder Straße / Neustiftgasse

Good posture, nice dress and fancy boots - just a great shot! no · 11

no · 10 - Post-Exhibitional Reading

This elegant cigar smoking art lover with his vintage leather suitcase earns no · 10

no · 9 - Braving Chilly Weather

Fashionable overknee tights and a great canvas messenger bag deserve no · 9

no · 8 - Ready For Fall

Low cut loose fit jeans combined with Erlend Øye glasses make our no · 8

no · 7 - Last Day Of Summer?

For this stylish mom, the oversized sunglasses and her maritime blouse - no · 7

no · 6 - Peachy Jeans - Furry Gilet
 Maria Fernanda - Boschstraße

A trendy fur gilet and her vintage jeans look boosting up to no · 6

no · 5 - Black And Brown Leather On Third Advent
Anna - Lerchenfelder Gürtel

Berlin-inspired, self-conscious - a great Classic street style. no · 5

no · 4 - Accessorized
 Fanny -  Mariahilfer Straße

Boho-chic style crested by an edelweiss. Up to no · 4

no · 3 - Hair Stylist From Krakow
 Johnny - Neubaugasse

Best haircut and the always fashionable designer stubble. no · 3

no · 2 - Vienna Student Protests - Mademoiselle Mystique
 Rubin - Ballhausplatz

Wrinkled boots, a woolen coat and mysterious gesture make for an elfish fairy style. Our no · 2

no · 1 - Grand Northern Style

Casual but cosy - capturing the market flair. no · 1 without negotiation.

After the last three and a half months of photographing street style in Vienna this picture outlines what stilage vienna in 2010 meant for us.

Have a great holiday and a happy new year!

Your team stilage

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Friday, 10 December 2010

Introducing salon stilage

We’re back from our first “vacation” as winter has taken foothold in the city, changing common wardrobe on the streets. Our earlier concern of scruffy winter appearances so far seems unfounded, some fancy fashion for cold days is on the run and we’ll continue to capture the best of it for you.

Given that not only a big birthday and a bachelor degree fell into last week but also the setup of our new headquarters, we are eager to see several of you tomorrow at salon stilage for celebrations.

style your streets!
team stilage

From Munich With Love

Wiener Ringstraße

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Gemeindebau Festival - Kindergarten Teacher

 Martina - Karl-Marx-Hof

During the last weeks we visited various municipal buildings capturing people and their fashion for the MODE:BLOCK in the scope of the Gemeindebaufestival. Following up our selection of this work.

Während der letzten Wochen besuchten wir zahleiche Gemeindebauten, um die Menschen und deren Mode dort für den MODE:BLOCK des Gemeindebaufestivals festzuhalten. In der nächsten Zeit hier also unsere Auswahl dieser Arbeiten. 

Les dernières semaines nous avons visité quelques bâtiments municipals pour prendre des photos des gens et leur mode pour le blogue MODE:BLOCK de la Gemeindebaufestival. Notre selection de ce travail nous allons poster ici dans le temps à venir.