Wednesday, 24 November 2010

stilage For Venice - Biennale Architettura 2010 - Short Obituary

  The last architecture saturday of this year's biennale attracted a tremendous mass of (young) visitors, reminding more of a pop music concert than of an architectural conference. The reason for this huge interest clearly seemed to be the attendance of Kazuyo Sejima, Pritzker Prize laureate and curator of the biennale 2010, however also other interesting guests like Christan Kerez, Hans Ulrich Orbrist, Antòn Garcìa Abril and president Paolo Baratta had their turn.

  The latter could be proud of an all-time high of visitors, reaching around 170,000. He also stated the, in my opinion, most interesting thing of that conference, namely that the biennale was "a visual experience". For the most important biennial exhibition of architecture a rather shallow characterisation, as I think. Consequently, is architecture just a visual experience? For that matter it may be a reflection of the state of recent architecture, failing to provide more manifold perceptions, and where, in most cases, geometry seems to overrule everything.

  Yet, I'm assured, going beyond the visual perception, reaching from the recognition of functions to the sense of our changing societies, there are numerous other ways of thinking architecture which, after all, are  influencing more than ever before, how people meet in architecture.

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